Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

I Bet It's Warmer In Greece Right Now

Brain: Gee, Greece. I should get around to going there sometime. Maybe next year, following in the vein of actually seeing the rest of the world?

Me (exasperated): Oh, seriously? Just like that?


Time passes. I watch a retrospective on classic rally drivers.

Me: Man, I miss going to rallies! Next year I should make time to get to a WRC round.

Brain: Y'know, they have a rally in Greece. Acropolis isn't running this year, so it should be on next year's calendar. Two week trip at the right time of the year...?

Me (*facepalm*): You suck.

Yeah, okay. So I do have a tab open with a page talking about vacations in Greece. I'm just, uh, broadening my horizons. Or something.

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