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Mmm... Cheese...

My plan for the weekend was to laze around the house and generally play waaaay too many video games. What ended up happening was that I got a fair amount of lazing done, some video game playing in, and a whole heck of a lot of watching Kamen Rider Kuuga in. Mmmmm, cheesy Japanese live-action shows. Nothing like it first thing on a Sunday morning.

While Kuuga hasn't grabbed me as quickly as Agito did, it's shaping out to be quite a fun series. Ichijou is cool beyond words. And I'm finally seeing why all the Japanese doujinshika are doing all the Godai/Ichijou slash. The way the series is going, it's just begging for it. /wanders off to see if she can find any examples of circles for Kuuga dj's...

Oh, and Maria? Don't envy me too much on the vacation time problem. After having a long, intimate chat with my bank account I have discovered that it has learned the fine art of being snide and sarcastic. It informed me oh-so-sweetly that sure, I could swing going to Japan for a week in November -- as long as I didn't want to get new tires and do the upcoming scheduled maintenance on my car. *sigh* Japan would be nice, but new tires would be nicer. And making my car happy would be nicer still -- I can tell she's unhappy about something, but I'm not entirely sure what. Darn, and I had just found a reasonably-priced ryokan in Ikaho too. *sniff* So now I have to burn two days of vacation time on something random, when I would really prefer to burn them on something fun.

Time until work first pisses me off off for the week: Monday, 7:40 AM. The week's off to a great start.

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