Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Random And Amusing

My company (a financial services company) shares the floor with a company that does a fantasy MMORG. The contrast between the two frequently amuses me. Sometimes the random conversations overheard on the elevator, though...

Take today for example. A horde of guys from the other company were leaving for lunch at the same time I was. Two of them were talking about getting through the game "solo", and not taking friends along. One guy was saying how that was hard, while another guy pointed out this character he was referring to had all kinds of cool gear. He had protection against a whole bunch of things, like ice and oh yeah, dragon. The continued for a bit before a third guy asked how one has protection against dragon.

"Dragon's an element," the first guy explained.

"Huh?" the other guy asked.

Sadly the elevator arrived on the ground floor at this point, so I never got to hear the explanation for how "dragon" is an element.

I loved Bloody Monday so much that today I got disgusted with myself for not watching Bloody Monday 2 yet and sat myself down to watch it, in the name of getting some rest and stop being a Bad Fangirl. The random technobabble in this series amuses me to death -- not so much what they say as the "hacking" they do on screen. I mean, earlier there was the beautiful piece of HTML code with the form that, upon submit, did nothing. That level of cracktastic technobabble.

Someone, though, seems to have known something and threw in a random joke. In one bit of technobabble it lists a certain port. Being knee-deep in worrying about what uses what port these days I decided to look it up. Turns out it's a port commonly used by a certain trojan horse.

Yes indeed, the port used by the hacker in the show is one commonly used by hackers. Nice.


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