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I got the Xbox and the media server talking again. I can't describe how pleased I am with this. I've gone on an orgy of watching thing, just for the pleasure of pushing some buttons and having stuff come up on the screen, rather than having an error message come up.

This is inspiring me to move on to the next step of upgrading my A/V system, which will probably be a Blu-Ray player. (Probably not an XBox360, alas, for all that I've been craving one for years now.) After doing a lot of digging to find players that I can hack the Blu-Ray region on I thought to double-check what, exactly, is in each Blu-Ray region as they differ from the regular DVD regions. Happily, someone was kind when drawing regions, and Japan and the US are in the same region. Problem solved. The urgency for hacking the player is pretty much nil. The UK, unfortunately (though not unexpectedly) is not, so it may become pertinent at some future date. I would like Merlin on DVD someday and the US version does not seem particularly forthcoming. Big hit my aunt Fanny.

Part of why I want to get a Blu-Ray player is that it's increasingly becoming stupid to not get releases on Blu-Ray, and there are releases that I want to get. (It should be noted that this does not mean I'm over my snit at them coming up with Yet Another Brilliant Format so I have to spend the cash on replacing my video collection a-gain. I still have things on VHS that I haven't upgraded to DVD yet, fer crying out loud.)

I was reminded that I want to get back to buying new releases when I went yesterday to watch Star Trek at the IMAX dome at the Tech Museum. Whoa. Man, that's a big screen. A really, really big screen. Man howdy it goes on and on big. It had me grinning from ear to ear just because, whoa.

It is not, unfortunately, the best movie-going experience. It probably would be nicer if next time we sat farther back, or maybe if we sat in reclining couches rather than chairs. We got there just as it was starting and sat the third row from the front. Kink in the neck, ho! It's so big it messed with my balance, to the extent that hours later I still felt funny. And it is the only movie-going experience that ever made me motion sick. Fast action looks out of focus and hard to follow, because face it, you just can't focus on something that big that close.

I don't care. All of that is not so much fun but it doesn't make up for if being a huge, cool screen and I love it.

Oh, and I want Star Trek on DVD. So I better get a Blu-Ray player.

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