Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Green and Roses

There was a band from Kyoto/Kansai in the Rose Parade today, the "Kansai Honor Green Band". They were pretty cool, and did a bunch of stuff that had the commentators saying "whoa, that's really hard!" It struck me all as very, very Japanese in their implementation.

On a related note... One of the reasons I like bringing newbies with me to Japan is to restore perspective. There are things that I no longer see as odd, just because I'm used to them now. (The most obvious being the wonderful conversation involving the Post Office, and beer vending machines. But I digress...) My mother called to ask me about the Kansai Honor Green Band. She mentioned that the commentators on the channel she was watching explained the "green" in their name as saying that they're an environmental group. "Oh!" said I. "No. 'Green' in Japanese means 'first class'." But it wasn't until she commented that I realized that calling something a "green band" sounds really strange in English.
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