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Lighter Already

Life's like this:

Today's the darkest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. As the Earth wobbles on its axis the sun moves its farthest away from us until today.

But something happened today, about 10 AM Pacific time: the tilt turned and the sun's started getting closer. It seems like today things are the darkest they're going to get. But what's not obvious right now is that already it's getting brighter. Minute by minute the sun is shifting closer. It's too soon yet to see it, but things are on the up swing.

I know a lot of folks have had a tough time in the past twelve months or so. But even though it seems like it's all just long nights and dim days, maybe things have already shifted. Maybe, even though right now you may not be able to see it, things are even now headed up to brighter days.

Solstice is about welcoming back the light. What are you welcoming back?

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