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Random Time Math

(Er... Since the icon is not obviously Ultraman related -- unless one cares to squint and wonder when the heck the Black Death turned companion to monsters rampaging to destroy Tokyo (it being an unlikely defender of truth, justice, and Japan's skyscrapters) -- the remainder of this post is related to Ultraman Moebius and unlikely to make sense to anyone who hasn't seen it. And quite possibly will make no sense even to those who have.)

So... I knew there was a time gap of several weeks between episode one and two in Moebius. What I hadn't realized is that the Gun Phoenix of episode two is not the same as the Gun Phoenix in episode one. In episode one it didn't have METEOR. It was installed in the time gap between the two episodes. This is based on Araiso commenting that METEOR was shoved onto the G.P. after the massacre with the Gun Crusader combined with it appearing that pretty much all of episode one takes place on the same day.

This random observation brought to you by madsqueeble asking me what I thought would happen if Mirai hadn't gone and fetched the rest of his pet humans the future crew. Which one day I really will write up my thoughts on that. Honest.

On an only somewhat related note, went back and rewatched the new long trailer. Words fail me at expressing how utterly cool this movie looks to be. 47 days... 47 days...
And I finally realized the ice world is actually Hikari no Kuni with the sun turned off. Which explains why there are so many Ultras kicking around. And also, I suspect, explains why they're kicking around in human form and can't transform: lack of sun is going to do unpleasant things to their available power levels.
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