Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Serendipity Works In The Weirdest Ways

So it turns out sometime yesterday my phone got turned off. Not the total power off I can see it's a brick kind of powered off. The "I want to use my smart phone on the airplane but want to make sure the phone stuff is disabled so I don't make us crash" kind of way. Which is to say, turned off in the kind of way that I didn't even realize it was turned off.

Yesterday I finally got around to buying my plane ticket for Japan. I tried a new and different site to get the tickets, and realized that in the process I hadn't specified my seat reservation. (Those who remember my earlier post should be laughing up a storm at this point.) So I decided to call the place first thing this morning and see if I couldn't get that settled. I'm working from home in the morning since I'm expecting a phone screen for a job I want, so I used my cell phone to make the call rather than placing it from my desk phone like I normally would. This was pretty cool, since that meant I noticed that the phone was disabled and, y'know, fixed it.

Did I mention the phone screen today for a job I really want? I think having the phone on so the interviewer can contact me is a really nice thing. I'm very glad I missed specifying my seat reservation on that ticket.

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