Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Day Of Flail

I wanted to synopsize the charlie-foxtrot meeting I had to attend earlier today in the form of a Greek tragedy, but alas, it's been so long since I've read those classics that I can't remember the style well. All I've managed to come up with so far is: "I would not shame my throat with shameful lies. And yet, in truth, I cannot say we are retesting because we have not yet, in truth, tested." That meeting needed a Greek chorus.

... Plus, I seem to have completely blocked the meeting from my mind. All I can remember at the moment is:

1) I spent a lot of time laughing in it. Just about any time my boss said something it made me laugh. And not in a good way. In that "you've freakin' GOT to be kidding me" kind of way. I'm glad he was on the phone and couldn't see me giggling.

2) Exchanging snarky comments with fresne in AIM, along the lines of "this is like watching a traffic accident", and something about it being a tragedy, and tragedies really ought to be Greek.

3) Watching the trailer for the new Ultraman movie over and over and over again. Are they still talking? Yes? Does it still make me want to pound my head on the table until blessed unconsciousness has ensued? Yes? Let's watch the trailer again! Damn, that looks cool! Oh, sorry, were you saying something?

Eh, it's probably best that way. As I commented to a friend, a year from now I won't care about what my boss said. I will still care about that trailer.

So anyway, my thoughts from the trailer...

Dang, that looks cool!!

I was expecting epic action flick, but this looks like it's going to blow all that away. Please tell me the plot will be strong enough to stand up, particularly if they're shooting for an international release. The action sure looks like it'll be up to to snuff at least. The director's background as a stuntman and his time spent on the Power Rangers series sure shows. I can just watch the clip over and over and over again, 'cause DANG!

Man, I can't wait to see Oki spazzing. There will be fangasm spazz of truely Ultra proportions here. Sort of like all the fans spazzing over finally seeing the Ultra homeworld. (Well, we've seen it before, but not in the 21st century. And it looks shiny!!)

Rei and Dan meeting... That should be intriguing. "Hey Rei, how's it going? Thanks for giving me Miclas and my fin back." Rei: "WTF? Who are you? Obi Wan Kenobi?"

I liked the random shot of Leo and Seven. Please tell me this movie is not AU.

Glad to see that while the crew of the Space Pendragon will be there and involved we are not going to forget what we're all there to see. (It ain't Rei screaming all the time, let me tell you. I got my fill of that in UG:NEO.)

Mama! I wanna see Mama fight!

Continuity, continuity, continuity... Is this AU or is it in the Showa'verse continuity? It can be either. UG's always seemed to be set in the Showa'verse future to me. If it is, then it's at least 50 years from the end of Mebius, probably more. (I mean, seriously. How long's it going to take for us to get common space travel, terraforming, and artificial suns?) If it is original universe, then Mirai should recognize Asuka (thanks to the Ultra 8 Bro. movie), but Asuka wouldn't recognize Mirai. Unless Mirai in that movie is from yet another parallel world. It's possible, and could explain a few things about that movie. (And make my head hurt some more...)

Thank goodness they're not over-poofing Mirai's hair like they did in the last movie. He's adorable there, but every time I see him in that movie I want to take a comb to his hair. And man, he looks hot here. Cute lil puppy grows up!

Zero... Whole lotta Zero in this trailer. I figured Zero would show up in the movie, but didn't think we'd get to see that much of him. I kind of half hope we don't get too into his story in this movie. I think it'll be distracting, like Kanata in the OVAs. And he creaks. I'm really not entirely sure what to make of the creaking.

... I think I haven't gotten around to posting about Zero yet. *tries to remember* He's secretly a sorcerer -- no, wait, wrong fandom. Ah, if you don't want spoilers, stop here. He's got a freak load of copyrights pulled on him -- more than for Hikari, for all that Tsuburaya holds a copyright on Hikari ski wax -- so there's a lot of speculation going around that there's going to be a new Ultraman series and he's going to be the star of that show. He's Seven's son, though Zero doesn't know it. (The score? 7-0. Ah, the multitude of bad puns that await!) For a while there was some speculation that maybe he would be Belial trying to redeem himself, but I'm thinking from what I'm seeing that isn't likely. Just so long as he doesn't end up with Rei hosting him I'll be happy. I think I had more to say on this, but I really can't remember any more what I've said and what I've forgotten.

Say, that planet Leo and Zero are on... Is that the one that King was on when Hikari visited him in Hikari Saga? Red, sandy, rocky dust filled planets all start to look the same to me.

And last but certainly not least: This is the Alien From Baltan. He will be appearing in this movie! (\/) (\/)

And on that note I remember that I haven't gotten any of the tickets I was planning on buying tonight, and go to bed.

Oh, and since it was pointed out to me earlier that I wasn't very clear... Yes, I'm going to be in Japan at the time the movie's opening. That's partly by sheer coincidence (we had a trip already planned for that time period) and partly by a combination of planning and state budget crisis. (Because we were planning on leaving a few days before the release, but then it worked out that we had to leave a week later. Darn.) So since I'm going to be there anyway, hell yeah I'm seeing it on a big screen opening night.

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