Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

The Gentle Pitter-Pat

It's pouring rain at the moment. Hooray for El Nino, because it's pouring rain at the moment, and has been for at least 20 minutes now. I think I'll probably turn in early for the night just so I can fall asleep to the sound of rain.

I went to Santa Barbara for the weekend for a much needed "get the heck out of town" break. Only for the weekend, though. Time off... must wait until the end of November, really. *sigh* But it was good to laugh with friends over things that are genuinely funny (as opposed to they hysterical laughter over things that normally would not be, but are currently because one is so very, very stressed.) We went to a miniatures/gaming/military history store (rhylar, you would absolutely love the place -- I grabbed a business card for you) that was down the street from a Warner Brothers lot. I persist in pondering running away and joining the movie business circus. (Reality says: No. I want to get away from 50+ hour work weeks, not join an industry where only 50 hours is a normal-to-light week.)

Speaking of reality, no immersion program in the next two years it sounds like. Thank you, idiots who started the Tea Fire. But this frees us up for some other trips instead. So vacation time won't be a problem next year.

It's really just chucking it down out there. I hope this doesn't mean we'll run out by January.

Speaking of the Tea Fire, it's still a wonder to me just how much damage that thing did. I think when I was down in SB in January I didn't go via 154, so I didn't see up close and personal how much of that area got burned. (And 154 is a good ways away from where the fire started.) If we have a really wet year down there, there will be massive mud sliding. There just isn't any vegetation to keep the ground down. It looks like a lunar landscape still, nearly a year later. My friend whose house burned down says it looks like hers was the second one to get taken out -- her obnoxious neighbor who is causing all the problems was the first to go. That's part of why her tenants didn't get any warning. It was too early in on the fire starting, and people hadn't entirely grokked was they were dealing with.

(Why on earth is "grokked" in my spell checker??)

And now to finish sweeping my Friends page to see what happened while I was gone, and then away to bed and the gentle falling of rain.

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