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02 September 2009 @ 08:52 pm
Location Pics + Observation  
Because the combination of modern rain jacket and quasi-Medieval garb amuses me, I'm reposting links from a fangirl who was at Pierrfonds on Tuesday here, with very remotely possibly spoilery pics here. To be clear, none of these pics are mine. I spent my Tuesday far less pleasurably. (And considering "pleasurably" included four hours of sitting in pouring rain, well...)


Re-watching 1-13 I noticed something: in the scene where they face the Questing Beast, after Arthur falls down, when Merlin levitates the sword he incants a spell. The spell is the same one from 'Lancelot', which he used to enchant Lancelot's lance. Nice piece of continuity there, especially since he just casually flipped of a spell that earlier he'd had such trouble with.