Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

How Did I Miss That?

Just to add spice to my life, it looks like my plumbing is backing up. I notice this not because my toilet doesn't flush or my sink doesn't drain. No, I notice this because I appear to have a ring of used toilet paper around the sewer clean-out in front of the house. *ew*

The good news is this means it's the city's problem. The bad news is I found this out after 5 PM on Friday and the office doesn't open until 8 AM Monday. The weekend may yet prove to be very interesting.

On a happier side, I woke up this morning from a lovely dream about visiting the castle in Merlin. It was pretty. And made of red brick. Methinks my subconscious does not pay attention to some of the small details.
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