Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Speaking of Destiny

Following along the "hey, that's a pretty castle. Let's find out more about it" thought I stumbled on the following amusing trivia:

The castle originally had nine towers, each named for a hero from history. They are Charlemagne; Julius Caesar; King Arthur; Alexander the Great; Godefroy de Bouillon, who was elected to rule Jerusalem in the Crusades of 1099; Joshua, who made the walls of Jericho fall; Hector of Troy; Judas Maccabee, who started a movement under the slogan "there is only one" that eventually lead to the miracle of Hanukkah; and David, King of Israel. Eight of the nine towers remain, with the ninth tower having been destroyed during the Hundred Years' War and was never reconstructed.

I am so very, very easily amused.

For my reference, a history of the castle can be found here, and lots of pictures (along with a map) can be found here. And yes, I can now locate the Arthur tower quite easily. Because I am so very, very easily amused.
Tags: merlin
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