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I just made up a new batch of chocolate Heath Bar crunch ice cream. All I can say from the initial samples is: DANG! Probably my best batch of chocolate yet. Num!

On the recommendation of rhylar's lovely wife, I got the first disk of Power Rangers Dino Thunder from Netflicks.

Going in, I half expected to be disappointed. I expect there are only so many Power Ranger series I'm going to like, and I rather like Power Rangers RPM. On top of that, I like Abaranger, so I was kind of shuddering to think what they would do with it.

Surprisingly, I rather liked it. Senpai Ranger totally makes it, but they've managed to put together a reasonably decent story line. Yeah, I miss Abaranger. But Dino Thunder isn't a re-do on the original. It's a totally new story itself, with very, very few touches from the source material.

Annoyingly, it looks like all the episodes may not have been put out on Region 1 DVD, only Region 2. *sigh* I mean, the dollar's still strong against the pound, but that's just annoying.

Oh, and I don't care how hard Red kicks a soccer ball or how fast it goes. Unless it catches on fire I'm just not impressed. Yeah, I know. I'm spoiled.

Eee! X Games weekend! I wish I could go.

(What? Quit looking at me like that. I like watching people do ludicrous things.)

I saw a brief shot of a rally car going end over end. I wish I knew the story behind that. I'm assuming since they're using it for promo that everyone's fine.

Speaking of X Games,

So the Dino Thunder disk had two episodes of Power Rangers Ninja Storm on it. Figuring it would be the first pair of episodes I watched them. They looked pretty cool, but were clearly not the first episodes. A quick poke through Wikipedia shows that, oh, look, it's the last two episodes. Seriously, WTF? That's a weird way to try and get people to watch the series.

Anyway. Watching the opening credits we have a skateboarder, a surfer, and a dude on a dirt bike. Watching that I thought "what is this, Power Rangers X Games?" Not even five minutes later the characters all freak out about going to the "US Extreme Games." Seriously, folks. I was JOKING. So yeah. Power Rangers do X Games. Kinda cool.

But that aside, it looks like it has potential. Which surprised me, 'cause I thought Power Rangers Ninja was sort of doomed to bad cheesetasticness. The two episodes I saw weren't quite as sharp with the snappy lines as either RPM or Dino Thunder. OTOH, the last episodes are a little limited with the creativity on the lines, so it's hard to tell.

I begin to worry that I'll end up liking the Power Rangers series' more than the Super Sentai. Snooty canon snob that I am, I am somewhat horrified at the thought.

Oh dearie me, I must point and laugh at this commercial. Some guy said (like it was a big deal) "I drove a thousand miles to meet Jeff Gordon." Me, I think, "I flew over six thousand miles to meet Tommi Makinen. So, um, WIMP!" <-- snotty, overzealous fan, I am.

Yes, I've had a bit of that ice cream. Why do you ask?

Whoops! Speaking of Tommi, I nearly forgot it's Rally Finland weekend. <-- Bad fan.
Kimi Raikonnen's running in it? Gah, I am out of it. The end of stage interviews should be riveting.
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