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30 July 2009 @ 06:14 pm
Lots and Lots of Randomness  
I just made up a new batch of chocolate Heath Bar crunch ice cream. All I can say from the initial samples is: DANG! Probably my best batch of chocolate yet. Num!

On the recommendation of rhylar's lovely wife, I got the first disk of Power Rangers Dino Thunder from Netflicks.

Going in, I half expected to be disappointed. I expect there are only so many Power Ranger series I'm going to like, and I rather like Power Rangers RPM. On top of that, I like Abaranger, so I was kind of shuddering to think what they would do with it.

Surprisingly, I rather liked it. Senpai Ranger totally makes it, but they've managed to put together a reasonably decent story line. Yeah, I miss Abaranger. But Dino Thunder isn't a re-do on the original. It's a totally new story itself, with very, very few touches from the source material.

Annoyingly, it looks like all the episodes may not have been put out on Region 1 DVD, only Region 2. *sigh* I mean, the dollar's still strong against the pound, but that's just annoying.

Oh, and I don't care how hard Red kicks a soccer ball or how fast it goes. Unless it catches on fire I'm just not impressed. Yeah, I know. I'm spoiled.

Eee! X Games weekend! I wish I could go.

(What? Quit looking at me like that. I like watching people do ludicrous things.)

I saw a brief shot of a rally car going end over end. I wish I knew the story behind that. I'm assuming since they're using it for promo that everyone's fine.

Speaking of X Games,

So the Dino Thunder disk had two episodes of Power Rangers Ninja Storm on it. Figuring it would be the first pair of episodes I watched them. They looked pretty cool, but were clearly not the first episodes. A quick poke through Wikipedia shows that, oh, look, it's the last two episodes. Seriously, WTF? That's a weird way to try and get people to watch the series.

Anyway. Watching the opening credits we have a skateboarder, a surfer, and a dude on a dirt bike. Watching that I thought "what is this, Power Rangers X Games?" Not even five minutes later the characters all freak out about going to the "US Extreme Games." Seriously, folks. I was JOKING. So yeah. Power Rangers do X Games. Kinda cool.

But that aside, it looks like it has potential. Which surprised me, 'cause I thought Power Rangers Ninja was sort of doomed to bad cheesetasticness. The two episodes I saw weren't quite as sharp with the snappy lines as either RPM or Dino Thunder. OTOH, the last episodes are a little limited with the creativity on the lines, so it's hard to tell.

I begin to worry that I'll end up liking the Power Rangers series' more than the Super Sentai. Snooty canon snob that I am, I am somewhat horrified at the thought.

Oh dearie me, I must point and laugh at this commercial. Some guy said (like it was a big deal) "I drove a thousand miles to meet Jeff Gordon." Me, I think, "I flew over six thousand miles to meet Tommi Makinen. So, um, WIMP!" <-- snotty, overzealous fan, I am.

Yes, I've had a bit of that ice cream. Why do you ask?

Whoops! Speaking of Tommi, I nearly forgot it's Rally Finland weekend. <-- Bad fan.
Kimi Raikonnen's running in it? Gah, I am out of it. The end of stage interviews should be riveting.
dj_rocca: DT: Hayley-We're Boneddj_rocca on July 31st, 2009 02:41 am (UTC)
Just to let you know:

The UK has full seasons of Ninja Storm-Jungle Fury.

The US only has half the seasons of Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force. It has the full season of Operation Overdrive and only two disks of Jungle Fury.

I've recently purchased the final three disks of Jungle Fury that was only released in the UK.

Its disappointing and I do not know if we will only get the first two disk of RPM or the whole series. I'm hoping for the full series.
Sandpanthersandpanther on July 31st, 2009 04:30 am (UTC)
Thanks for the info! The ways of the US DVD market are mysterious to me. One would think the country that originated the series' would have a full DVD release of the darn things.

I'm going to be Really Darn Irked if we only get two disks of RPM. What is the point in putting out only part of a series?? Gah.

Any recommendations on places to buy the UK versions? I might as well take advantage of the favorable dollar-pound exchange rate while it lasts.
dj_roccadj_rocca on July 31st, 2009 10:14 pm (UTC)
I usually get the UK disks from amazon.co.uk because I've tried to go through other sites and they won't ship to the US. They have fair prices and my stuff always comes VERY quick. (IE: I ordered JF and it wasn't expected to come to until the 5th of Aug. It came yesterday.) ^_^
I also feel very safe going through their amazon because I know that I won't be cheated out of my merchandise.

Just another warning, its only Region Two format. Which means unless you have VLC player in your computer, you can't view it in US DVD players...unless it can play other regions. I actually bought a portable DVD player that had the region code unlocked so it plays all DVDs.