Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Once More, Less Grumpy

Okay, so there was actually some pleasantness in the day. Some of my stock has been making a noticeable upward trend, and according to Zillow the house has gained value since checking on Monday. (A couple of more weeks of this and it might even be worth what I paid for it! So soon!) I got to the gym today for the second (and, alas, last) time this week, and it was divine. While working out I've been watching Zettai Kareshi, which I've been thoroughly enjoying. (I can't wait to finish the last three episodes, but I'm only allowing myself to watch while exercising. Because apparently I'm a masochist.) The guy who's supposed to replace the person who was fired back in May has started, and is going great guns at getting all the junk done that I haven't been able to get to, which is very satisfying. And I have the first disk of Power Rangers: Dinothunder waiting for my viewing pleasure. (Hopefully this lands in the "good things" category.)

And best of all, it's Friday Eve. The weekend is nigh. And it shall be a glorious one.

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