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Cast List for Ultraman Moebius Gaiden: Ghost Rebirth

The M-78 nebula, "The Land of Light", at the ends of this vast galaxy and home to the warriors of light.
The Ultra Sign is issued against the starry sky, telling of an urgent situation: "I'm sensing something odd in the Monster Graveyard..."

The Monster Graveyard, a mystery in the cosmos, is where vast numbers of monster souls rest.

In response to Hikari's peril Ultraman Moebius rushes to his aid. In addition, the Commander of the Space Garrison, Zoffy, assembles the Ultra Warriors to go forth and investigate the anomaly in the Monster Graveyard.

As our heroes rush to the scene the Four Heavenly Kings of Darkness, who have caused them suffering on numerous occasions, lie in wait for them. And beyond them the shadow of a mysterious warrior watches their fight...

Now a new fight begins for these warriors in the place called the mystery of mysteries, the Monster Graveyard.

Voice Actors:

Ultraman Moebius: Igarashi Shunji
Mecazam:Hori Hideyuki
Ultraman Hikari: Nanba Keiichi
Ultraman Ace: Kusao Takeshi
Ultraman Tarou: Ishimaru Hiroya
Armored Mefilas: Katou Seizou
Grozem: Egawa Hisao
Deathrem: Kouri Daisuke
Moebius Killer: Tanaka Kouichi
Zoffy: Tanaka Hideyuki
Ultraman Jack: Dan Jirou
Ultra Seven: Moritsugu Kouji
Ultraman: Kurobe Susumu

Only voice actors are listed; it appears there will be no live (human) actors.

For those who prefer to do their own reading/translation:

 広大な宇宙の果て、光の戦士たちの故郷M78星雲 “光の国”。

メカザム:堀 秀行
ウルトラマンエース:草尾 毅
ウルトラマンジャック:団 時朗
ウルトラマン:黒部 進

I'm hearing rumors that this is a prequel to the new movie. That would be intriguing if so, since the first part comes out before the movie and the second part comes out after.

Having just run over the line about how the Shitennou "retreated", I'm pleased to see that the writers decided not to turn that into a throw-away line. (Okay, not that I didn't expect they'd be back anyway. But this is doing all four together, more or less. Note the lack of Yapool.)

Speaking of throw-away lines... they're not going to do it, but since they're going to the Ultra Zone I wish they would tie up the one loose end from the series that's been bugging me for a while: Hiroto. They specifically said they didn't find a body, which really leaves it open for him to show up again sometime. Please, Tsuburaya. Tie up that thread for me. 'Cause if I do it, it's going to feature a jaded Hiroto who joined an intergalactic biker gang. And none of us wants to see that, do we?

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