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A quote from a piece talking about the upcoming Corona Rally in Mexico:

"It's got a 'spaghetti western' background, authentic churches and real cacti, not plastic ones!"

*blink* How have I missed the plastic cacti so far? Are they in disguise? Hey, you can't fool me, that's not a tree! It's a plastic cactus!

(Plastic cactus: Shh! I'm in disguise! If the drivers knew that I wasn't a real tree, they'd aim for me instead of all those hardwoods.)

Of course, rally being rally, at the mention of cacti my thoughts quickly turned to an analysis of what sort of a challenge not hitting the cacti would present. Cacti aren't as solid as, say, trees. They tend to be hollow in the middle, and prone to fly apart under impact. So visions of flying, messily exploding cacti are now dancing through my head. It could present quite a spectacle.

Perhaps this would be the thing that is needed to entice American fans to follow the sport, since they could relate to a nice, frontier-ish image like a cactus-strewn landscape, rather than all those "furreign" sights we see now. I can hear the news interviews now: "This sport has gotten so much more exciting now that they got rid of those pansy plastic cactuses," says one random, suicidal spectator. "Real sports face off against real cactuses."

Cacti also remind me of a story a friend of mine told me about one time when she had to change a flat tire while heading up the mountainous road she lives on. She realized that in order to get to the tire, her butt would end up in a cactus. *ouch* I would love to see what kinds of improvisational uses of the landscapes people could come up with once they have real cacti available to them!

(The above post is a result of adding plastic cacti to my bizarre sense of humor. Much sugar was hurt in the writing of this post.)
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