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More Ultra News

More details setting out, the most important of which is:

Giant Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy Legend movie is planning on an international release!

Needless to say, I will SO be there on opening night.

If anyone wishes to do anything to annoy me, now is a good time because anything you say or do to me right now ends in my mind with "and a new Ultraman movie is coming soon to a theater near me!" Really, that's about all that's surfacing on my radar.

Other details:

Confirmed cast include all the main regulars for Ultra Galaxy, Igarashi Shunji, Kurobe Susumu, and Moritsugu Kouji. To which I say: Not going to have another opportunity to play Hayata, huh? And: So looking forward to seeing what Mirai thinks of Oki. (Though I suspect they'll deny me that meeting. Alas. Though Oki will, of course, fangasm over Moebius showing up. And probably die of fanish glee over going to the Ultra no Hoshi.)

Confirmed staff:

Directed by Sakamoto Kouichi.
Written by: Okada Jun'ya, Kashiwara Tatsuo, and Kobayashi Yuuji

Sakamoto Kouichi, as I mentioned in a previous post, is producer and director on the US Power Rangers series'. I suspect choosing him as director is in part because they want someone with experience producing for international markets.

Okada Jun'ya was production supervisor on UG:NEO.
Kashiwara Tatsuo hasn't done much of anything that I recognize.
Kobayashi Yuuji has worked on Ultraman series since Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy, as well as writing for Garo and Gekiranger. I suspect his job is to take the ideas of the other two and transform them into a workable screenplay.

As madsqueeble posted, this movie will be featuring the following Ultramen: Ultraman, Seven, Jack, Ace, Tarou, Zoffy, Moebius, Hikari, Ultraman King, Ultra Papa, Ultra Mama, Leo, Astra, 80, Yulian, Neos, UltraSeven 21, and Ultraman Boy. *sweatdrop* There will also be 32 nameless Ultramen, bringing the total count to 50.

Many people suspect one of the 32 gumbies will be the lead in the next Ultraman series. I tend to agree with the rumors. It's about time they get around to doing a real new Ultraman series. (No, the two Ultra Galaxy series don't count in my opinion. Lack of Ultras + too freaking short!) Also, the staff lists so far aren't telling me what most of Tsuburaya's core staff have been working on.

*waits impatiently to hear what came out at the cast appearances at the World Hobby Fair yesterday*

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