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Ultra Galaxy movie?

*flat stare*

Really, Tsuburaya. You can't do better than that?

At least if that's the case I don't care if they have it in theaters by the end of the year. Though for being an Ultra movie that has a chance of making it into a theater near me I was kind of hoping maybe it would be a movie I would actually want to see. I'll go watch it if you give me the opportunity, but I shall likely scowl a good deal first, and make comments that if it was marketed properly, the first Mebi movie would likely do quite well in the States.

Here's hoping that when the official announcements finally go out they will be ones that have information that makes me happy.

Edit: Okay, now that the >official announcements have gone out, I'm less with the cranky and a good deal more with the squee. As with the last one, this is a movie I never thought would happen, so it just existing makes me happy. And with the last one, I figure no matter how it turns out, I will find value in it.

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