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There were many lovely gardens that made me wonder why they didn't make it into the guide books. And many flowers, of a greater variety than are available just at cherry blossom time. I am pleased. The highlights of the trip are a tie between the stage show in Nagoya and meeting a wonderful nun in the middle of nowhere on Mt. Hiei. Low point... was probably the yen/dollar exchange rate, which was a thing of excrement. As was dragging my luggage around lost in Osaka Station. It now ranks below Shinjuku on the list of Japanese train stations that I fear, but I won't say I love it. Or, rather, I love it like I love Cardiff. For what that's worth.

I had strange and nummy ice cream (though not as strange as the tomato or habenero that Jan had.) We walked down Mt. Hiei, which wasn't as bad as I initially expected and I'm rather enjoying the (albeit rather minor) bragging rights. We finally visited Kiyosu Castle so it no longer taunts us from the Bullet Train.

Golden Week wasn't as horrific as I expected, though it was somewhat chaotic at the end. I liked the time of year, though I think Jan was less than thrilled with all the families traveling with children. I would happily do it again (and, in fact, am plotting to figure out how to do so, since that stage show totally rocked, and only happens during GW.)

And now I think I'm going to indulge my whim to go watch some Leo or Gaia or maybe finally get around to watching the end of Seven, since it keeps showing up. And in a couple of more hours I can indulge my whim to get some sleep.

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