Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Spo Vege

I drank something called Spo Vege. It was nummy. The name is unfortunate. The taste was not.

I didn't blog about getting woken up at 2 AM the day I arrived by someone having very loud sex upstairs. Whee. She was very young sounding and squeaky, and at the time I thought it sounded like someone raping a kitten. The lovely things one thinks of after having had little sleep and being woken up by a screamer.

The hotel may or may not be a love hotel. I'm inclined to think not, for all that it has a back door that only opens during certain hours.

We went to two temples today, one which I expected to be cool and it was, and one that I expected to be nothing interesting and was cool. And we discombobulated the lady running the place, though she didn't say that our mere presence there made her overjoyed. She was very nice, though, and has a lovely garden.

I finally got around to going down Touhoushinki street, so named because I spotted a picture billboard with pictures of the group while trying to spot landmarks to find my hotel. I took a picture for swtjemz, though I think it will likely suck.

I can think of nothing more now. We leave the hotel with the internet access tomorrow early, so no more posts from me for a week. Have fun, everyone!

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