Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Lots of Bullets

- Iwakuni is the Land of Much Ice Cream. We limited ourselves to only four cones for the day. I had: kinako and dark cocoa, sakura (it's limited time only, and the time is almost over), green apple, and sesame. (Pedestrian, I know.) I'm glad I didn't get the habenero, because it's really freaking hot.

- Liar Game 2? ROCK ON! And a movie as well!

- I need to write up my thoughts on cultural exchange, and how having two white chicks show up on her doorstep one fine April morning could completely make one little old lady's day.

- Dude from SMAP got arrested for being obscene in public? That sounds... intriguing.

- It's really hard to concentrate on a pilgrimage when staying in the middle of a night life district and having to walk past the posters of girls fondling themselves all the time. Somehow it just adds a really incongruous note to the whole proceeding.

- Dang. I had more bullet points, but I can't remember them now. And I'm going to bed.

- We move from the hotel with the internet tomorrow. Expect I go radio silent for the next week or so.
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