Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Night of Cheese

(And, given I was tempted to spell that subject as "Knight of Cheese", clearly it's been a Day of Cheese and I may have had too much. If such a thing is possible, particularly when there are no innocent bystanders around to take bonk.)

I didn't really think much when the boat rose out of the water. I mean, hey, it's a sentai series. Weird things are supposed to happen, particularly where the bad guys are involved. I didn't pay any attention to the woman demonic bad guy with the shamisen -- probably because it's a shamisen, and should be a biwa</i> -- because again, having a bad guy girl sitting around playing a classical musical instrument makes perfect sense in these kinds of shows.

But the old guy running around, his character design with it's elongated forehead kept reminding me of
Fukurokuju, and when they once again showed a shot of the boat that's when it hit me and I babbled incoherently something that more or less resolves to "I don't believe it! The bad guys are the Seven Lucky Gods!!!"

(In time I expect this will make my brain hurt every time I do a Seven Lucky Gods pilgrimage, sort of the way running into Shitennou quartets has made my brain slowly spin ever since hitting the later Moebius episodes. "Now was Deathram Bishamon-ten or Zouchou-ten?")

(And saying that, only three appear. I don't think the weird dude with the face for his bottom half was just Random Gumby Monster Of The Week.)

Now? Now I want to see a crossover: Ultraman Moebius vs. Ebisu Smackdown Rematch! (Shoubai maido!)

It took me exactly six minutes forty-eight seconds to take bonk from Shinkenger. I'm sensing this series will break my brain in a way that makes me come crawling back for more. I also sense that I will probably be grabbing the subs when they come out since I'll want to share the bonkage (we were looking for something light hearted to watch once we finish Avatar and this is exactly the kind of thing that would amuse rhylar), and that I'm going to wince in pain, given what I've seen of TV Nihon's past track record with catching Japanese historic/mythologic references. (To be fair, unless one is versed in a couple of particular and rather obscure disciplines I can tell this series is going to be a bit of a challenge to keep up with the rifts -- and I say this after watching only a little under seven minutes. I can only assume the obscure and archaic will only get worse.)

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