Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Ultra Galaxy NEO 8

madsqueeble, go watch this. Just trust me on this.

This episode was far and away the best episode of the series. Either of the Ultra Galaxy series'. It was also on complete and utter monkey crack. It is not (quite) cool enough to get its own rung on the Cheese Ladder -- but it's mighty close. I will keep watching if for no other reason than to hope they can once again bring cheese of this quality.

Randomly, when trying to figure out who the screenplay writer and director are (since I recognized neither of their styles) I realized that no, really, I don't know them. This is, to me, only of note because Daikaijuu Battle was using all the main directors and writers from Moebius, so I recognized pretty much all the staff. It leaves me wondering, since they're not working on Never Ending Odyssey, what are they doing?

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