Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Embrace The Inner Cheese: Knight Rider

It started awful. Like, really, really "I wish llamabitchyo was here so we could have a snark fest" awful. But now it's bad, but in that kind of good way. It has logic flaws (not as cool "why is he playing tennis with a frying pan" kind of logic flaws, alas) and is not with the deep and complicated plots. But it's finally managed that weird chemistry of nostalgia for the old show, snarky dialog, and just plain geek. And KITT's developed a sense of humor. A really logical weird sense of humor. And that's what's making it worth sticking around through the rest of the badness. (That, and lines like "No, it sounded like KITT was just making you his bitch." or "Danny, do not encourage the car to be violent!")

I still wish llamabitchyo was here to snark it. But I think it would snarking in the fun way, not in the "oh my word this is so painful" way.

Oh, and KITT the old school '60's Mustang? TOTALLY COOL!

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