Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Color Me Intrigued

And by spoilers I mean "things I read on the 'net." Me being two -- make that three now -- episodes behind. It seems the Armored Darkness is the Monster of the Week this week. Miclas puts in an appearance. (I think he's joining as a regular.) And it sounds like we find out why there is a fin sans owner flying around. Now that my brain has finally put two and two together I'm starting to understand why Rei's going to be at Premium Stage this year. And given that Ultra Galaxy's set at least 50 years in the future from Moebius (hopefully more, since I'd like more stuff in that time continuity), I can see why Hirata Misato isn't going to be playing Konomi. I'll be more amused than words can say if she ends up playing someone who's as obviously Konomi reincarnated as Oki is Teppei reborn.

Yeah... Other than that not much else to say, other than that my commute and my sinuses are driving me crazy. And in an attempt to address the latter, I go to sleep now.
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