Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

This Is Not The Volcano You Were Looking For

While looking to see if there was any news on the volcano in Alaska that looks ready to blow, I discovered that Mt. Asama erupted. *bikkuri shita*

It appears to be relatively mild, which I find to be a relief. Asama is a gorgeous cinder cone and it would be sad to see its proportions distorted by a significant eruption. In addition, Karuizawa sits on its slopes. I've had a fondness for the town dating from my Initial D days (Karuizawa sitting at the top of Usui Pass), in addition to being concerned for Igarashi's family, who I believe still reside in Karuizawa.

In only remotely related news, it looks like GUYS Japan is getting a new airport. The Yokota base area was used as a shooting location for some of the external scenes of the Phoenix Nest, most notably the hill George and Mirai are sitting on when chatting in ep. 45.

I am Genba Girl: behold my terrible knowledge.
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