Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Brain No Workie

Seriously, how is it that it's taken me a week to remember why I care that it will be the first time in 35 years that we see Dan and Gen together? Clearly Leo should be next on the priority list.

Not much else of note happening at the moment, other than waiting for the slow grind of things that are progressing rapidly, for all that they seem slow to me. I was seduced by a large fuzzy pillow. rhylar's wife was there, tempting me on. And yes, it was good for me, though I think it's maybe a little larger than I would have preferred. The pillow, so far, has had no comment. I find this, like it's soft, fuzzy surface, comforting.

(You may now remove your mind from the gutter. Since, really, despite the description, there is nothing to see here. Except a large, fuzzy pillow.)

Yesterday I went to up to my old community college to order a transcript and gather information. Growing up it never seemed to change. Now, in the span of what seems like not so many years it's all different. I enjoyed being old enough that I didn't have to care that I didn't know where anything was and could simply be amused by it all -- and amuse passers-by with my wide-eyed confused look and cheerful comments of "that building didn't used to be there. How unexpected!"

I've decided of late that I've become a weak geek, with my techie muscles gone all soft and flabby. In an effort to lift some techno weights I settled down, flames of determination glowing like a holy aura, to resolve a problem with one of my computers that's been bugging me for nearly a year. Less than 10 minutes later it was fixed. And for this I waited nearly a year? Ah well. At least the bar that's been holding up several projects is now removed.

Next month they have a 25% off sale on Asian fabrics at a near-by quilting store. I remind myself that I'm saving money for studying in Japan for six weeks or so.

This article warmed my heart, and is making me plot a reply. And is painfully demonstrating to me why I want to spend time studying in Japan. While I can hold down a conversation in Japanese, I can't write for beans.

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