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Ultra Movie Goodness

How ironic. While talking with madsqueeble just before watching the movie she mentioned something about Moritsugu-san and hayashi rice. I knew he'd mentioned something about it (along with where it is) but couldn't remember where it was. Well, the post where I first mention the "new" movie happened to also be where I referenced it. Cross-referencing Moritsugu-san or Hirata-san's blogs around that date range should turn up information. (Hirata-san's blog will have to be the old one, so I'm not sure how easy it will be to find.)

And now for a few thoughts,

I'm biased, so let me get this out of the way immediately: Needs more Mirai. Goes without saying: everything always needs more Mirai.

Okay, done with that now. All's good.

From the start I knew this would be a difficult movie to pull together. Combining three different worlds into a new alternate one is a premise that I, at least, was dubious if it could work.

And in general, it did work for me. I loved the first half of the movie, seeing familiar faces, watching the plot unfurl, and watching poor Daigo getting really, really confused. And the Daigo and Mirai show was pure love. (Yall can make a movie of just that, plz?) Everything up until a bit after Moebius got turned to bronze was awesome.

But then... I don't know. It almost felt like they ran out of time or something. Things suddenly wandered into deus ex machina land, it seemed to me. I wish they would have explained anything about the girl with red shoes, or how all the transformation devices appeared. Or what Our Heroes were doing in this world at all -- on the one hand, it's a parallel universe. On the other, they're remembering what happened in their original universes. Just a wee bit of explanation would have been nice. And this is completely useless as a basis for explaining how Heisei Ultras show up in Showa-verse going forward. It's clearly a parallel universe and except for Mirai, it's clear that no one can go back and forth between the two.

I always suspected that this might be a sad movie in a certain way, and it was a bit. Our Heisei heroes all ended up being so much less than what they were in their own series. For example, I've always liked that Gamu's a boffin; I thought it would be unspeakably sad to see him simply being a docent here. (Though, happily, we saw very little of him at work so that was mostly avoided.) But the writers made it go a little deeper than that. Each of the Heisei three have given up on their dreams. Not only did they cease being heroes, they all end up falling short of everything they could be as individual people as well. In an odd sort of way, it was depressing to see that.

I'll agree with hoshikage that the final fight was too easy. In some regards it felt like an afterthought. And again, we never got any detail or explanation on the Big Bad for the movie. He showed up, he blew up, end of story. Based on some of it's comments when it finally showed up big (and easy to attack) it sounds like it might be this universe's equivalent of Yapool's stupid hick cousin or something. Other than giving an excuse to the plot it doesn't seem like it had any point.

And the flying ship... Geh. Who thought that would be cool? Srsly! It was an entertaining homage to Space Cruiser Yamato, but still... That whole end bit there was a total right turn into "we've ceased to try making this plausible and we're just doing whatever we feel like" land. Which is, I think, why when I hit the end I was a bit frustrated. The beginning was so good that I really wish the ending matched it better.

Which is not saying that I didn't like it. I just wish they'd tied things up just a wee bit better. Then it would have totally rocked. As is, it merely rates as "good, with some moments of awesome" in my book.

Interesting... I've gotten so used to the suit actors that I was right when I said Wada Sanshirou didn't do Moebius. (Though there weren't enough butt shots -- no, I'm not really as pervy as that sounds, the suit actors' butts are pretty distinctive -- to be completely sure.) But the audio commentary says it's Iwata Eikei (who usually did Hikari.)

(The special box set disk -- and Blu-ray, if one were to get that -- has audio commentary by the director, the SFX director and the screenplay writer. It is a thing of Extrodinary Niftiness. Which, among other things, also points out all the cameos by various folks.)

BTW, time-wise this takes place somewhere between the first movie and episode 30. Mega-uber-super-ultra points to anyone who can figure out why I say this without listening to the audio commentary. (Which is where it was pointed out to me how you can tell.)

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