Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

On A Totally Unrelated Note

Wow, the red throat on an Anna's hummingbird is really, really red when light hits it at the right angle. I just saw one that's sitting a good 10-20 yards away from me in a tree. I can barely see the bird when it's flying, but when it turns it's throat just the right way, I can't miss it. Amazing!

And on another totally unrelated note... Old habits sure die hard. Listening to a preview in which a character whines about how bad his lot will be in the next episode, I couldn't resist the urge to go "waaah", in perfect llamabitchyo fashion. The Snarky Llama would, I think, have approved.

And even though it's been nearly two years, every time I hit one particular part on the Ultraman Moebius and The Ultra Brothers soundtrack I still make the little "ding" sound when the star glows. (Probably only kazuhiko04 knows what I'm talking about, since I'm betting if he heard that particular piece of music, he'd probably think the same thing.)
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