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Ways not to start the day: Realizing that while I may have moved all my wet laundry into the dryer, I did not (for some incomprehensible reason) actually start the dryer. So much for clean underwear for today. *drip*

Lord of the Rings meets Photoshop
(Speaking of nerdy, I thought you were supposed to use d10's to make saving rolls, not d20's.)

More weird and wacky place links:

I go looking for a parking lot, and I find picture directions to Usui. Pretty darn familiar looking ones, too.

Part of a topo map of Usui

Virtual Nakasando

These links are probably of no interest to anyone besides me. Just trust me on this one.

Did I just see this picture somewhere?

Well, it's a public parking lot. And a piece of the Nakasando:
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