Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

*dies laughing*

And that makes the second time my name has shown up in an Ultraman series. I'm particularly tickled this time, since the character in question is a blonde foreign brainiac. I get to self-insert without really self-inserting!

(The first time shows up in the background of a song in Mebius, and I seriously doubt anyone but me has ever caught it. I only caught it because of my habit of ripping the dialog and listening to it repeatedly for things I intend to translate. I honestly have no idea what it's doing there.)

And yes, I am insane enough to translate a 51 episode series just for the entertainment value of that one moment. (Though also sane enough to confess that I've been thinking of translating Gaia for some time now, and after having seen the later episodes I'm even more interested. And wondering why the heck no one has done so before now.)

Okay, now that I'm no longer laughing hysterically I think I'm going to finish my show. This being mid-way through the Final Climactic Battle and all...

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