Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Cast List

Hee! Cast list for this year's Premium Stage has been released: Manatsu Ryuu (Gen/Leo), Tsuruoka Takeshi (Gamu/Gaia), Minami Shouta (Rei/Reimon), Hirata Misato (Konomi!), Kurobe Susumu (Hayata!), Moritsugu Kouji (Dan/Seven). *rubs hands gleefully* They say it's the first time in 35 years that Gen and Dan appear together.

And yet more evidence that the Ultra Galaxys are in the same universe as the Showa stuff. Or that the writers are on crack. Or both. Sometimes it's a little hard to tell with Tsuburaya.

I really hope they do the handshaking ceremony at the end, because that would be beyond totally awesome. *bounces*

And on a semi-related note, now USPS has updated to say that the package that shipped out from Japan yesterday is being prepared for shipping. I'm pretty certain that they are on crack. I'm also starting to suspect that maybe I will be stuck at home again tomorrow, awaiting package.

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