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Random Babblings

I am amused that the Leonix Hunter in UG:NEO is played by Hirukawa's actor.

One thing that's been really fun about going through Gaia is seeing all the bits that Moebius references and wondering if it was intentional. Like the Gan-Q episode. Was the soccer match between Mirai and Goerge an intentional reference to the one between Gamu and the kid? It seems unlikely, and yet the similarities seem more than coincidental. (Admitted, Mirai got to keep his shoes on. And Gamu is a very different type of Ultraman from Mirai -- for all that they both seem to have no concept of subtlety.)

I have to say that, while the idea of an aerial base is cool for the purposes of deployment over a wide territory, it does have one fundamental weakness: gravity. I would not be surprised to see it hit the ground before the end of the series.

I like the design for the new form, and the new end song. ("Let's step by myself" fundmentally causes a logic fault in my brain every time I hear it.) But the new splash screen pose has a most unfortunate camera angle. I refer to as "toilet-cam: the view the toilet gets when Ultraman takes a dump." ... Yeah, not thinking too much further on that. *blech*

(Um, folks? If you know that you're going to die when a monster comes out of a wormhole and crashes into the deck you're standing on at 14:00, wouldn't the simple solution to the problem be to be somewhere else at the time? Seriously, self-fulfilling prophesy much?)

Having such a large recurring cast, it's hard to give all the various characters much personality depth. Still, I've been enjoying what they've been doing for the past several episodes. (I just finished the one where Team Crow thinks they're going to die. In case the parenthetical rant above wasn't clear.) And Ishimuro rocks. I'd love to see him, Iruma, and Sakomizu sit down and have coffee together. (Though I could just see it now: "... And that's how I figured out my subordinate was Ultraman. How about you, Sakomizu?" "Er...")

My DVD player really does not like this disk. :P It keeps hesitating and skipping. I should head out and buy a new player, now that I've found one that I like that I know how to hack. ("can disable region encoding" being one of the primary requisites for a DVD player as far as I'm concerned. And me not enjoying having to sit through the stupid Bandai opening at the beginning of the Gaia disks every time I want to watch an episode. The Tsuburaya one makes me think of Katamari Damacy, so that's not so bad.)

Five disks left until the end. I suspect I will only finish before I get the movie if I'm willing to do a marathon on Friday and hold off watching until I'm done. Ah well. If I cared that much about finishing before watching the movie I would have started knocking off episodes as soon as the movie was announced. I've only known about it for almost a year and a half now. (And there is a reason I put finishing Tiga higher on the to-do list.)
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