Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Continuing On A Theme

Swung by Kinokuniya and picked up the latest chapter in the Mebi novel. This one's all new, rather than being a strange re-tread of an existing episode. Only halfway through the chapter (it's fairly short, but lots of kanji slow me down. :( ) So far there's been a bit of character building on Kanata (dear author, you do know he's not the reason I'm reading this, yes?), and now they're fighting a monster that controls the weather and has summoned a snowstorm. I'm detecting a snowy theme in my reading materials of late, which really only makes me appreciate the false spring we're having more.

(Yeah, that was mostly a boring post. But I'm happy to have more new Mebi stuff, so I thought I'd share.)

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