Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

One Week And Counting - And Other Stuff

It is a beautiful day, and my butt is all nice and warm thanks to sitting on the power transformer for my laptop. Life am good.

New Ultraman movie out on DVD in one week and counting. (Yes, I know it releases on Friday. And if I were in Japan, this would be Friday. Yay, time zones!) I'm listening now to the soundtrack for the last movie and remembering how freaking awesome it was. Hopefully the new one will be equally good.

In slightly related news, Ultra Galaxy NEO is looking like it may have more Ultras in it than I was first assuming. Which is good, since Rei really needs someone around to give him a boot (or fin) to the head.

(Yes, that comment was largely made with intent to pique madsqueeble's interest. Seriously, *is* anyone other than me watching UG:NEO? Or have non-stop monster battles scared everyone else off?)
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