Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Good Things 5 & 6

So much going on, all good.

Yesterday I was delighted to receive an unexpected call from swtjemz that cascaded into a fun evening involving a party, tea (for others' not for me), and a certain amount of squee'ing over cuteness. It was a lovely evening, and many thanks to all who participated. (roseembolism, I want you to make me hot cocoa again, please?)

But before all that fun I gutted my computer and dropped the old/new drive back in, as well as putting the new new drive into the external casing. I've now added a spare TB into the media system and am diligently working to get all my downloads backed up and shifted around so that I have free space for... more. >.> I choose to look at it as hours of entertainment. And at any rate, I enjoyed having the leisure to putz with doing some random computer work without thinking about the long list of other things I should be doing instead. Very satisfying. (Particularly the part where it all worked pretty much without a hitch.)

Today was a bit of a quiet and lazy day. Finished watching Ryuusei no Kizuna, which ended satisfactorily. It was fun watching Hikawa from Kamen Rider Agito in action again. (Or rather, his actor. But given that this character was similarly dorktastic, it was still close enough.)

The Tivo's now all set to record Kouhaku, and space has been cleared for its five hours' worth of annual New Years' wackiness. (And DBSK. >.>)

Speaking of, I eventually caved to swtjemz's brainwashing and downloaded a bunch of DBSK albums. (Will buy the real things while in Japan, I'm just not paying import prices for them right now.) So I've been spending the day puttering on projects and enjoying nice tunes. I call that a win.

Oh, and I baked more cookies. I have a few finishing touches to put on them and then I shall inflict them on innocent bystanders. Must remember to check mochiko supplies and pick a recipe for this year's festivities.

And that is all for today. It has been good.

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