Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Good Things 3 & 4

No post yesterday, since I was too busy hanging out with family and cooking to log on. Which, I suppose, counts as good unto itself. (That, and doing the happy dance on getting a GPS, which is something I've been wanting for a while. I was going to name it Phil, in honor of Mr. Mills. But once I switched it over to the British English male voice, well, I swear it sounds just like Greg Strange of World Rally Radio fame. So I'm afraid the GPS is now named "Mr. Strange".)

Today I spent the morning futzing around the house before having a really good workout. The afternoon I ran all over with my mother, checking out after Christmas sales for things I'd been wanting to buy. I got a pair of new shoes for the next Japan trip at a nice discount, as well as a new 1 TB HD. I'd meant to get an external drive but got distracted by the price and didn't check. Oh well. For the moment I'm going to swap the new drive with my old internal HD that I'd converted to an external. Not sure what I'll do with that HD -- either get a new conversion kit for it and leave it external, or maybe tuck it back into the computer again, providing I have a free internal slot. (I think I do, but the computer's currently busy and I'm heading into too tired to start in on gutting the computer tonight.)

I've been feeling really upbeat the past few days. And oddly motivated to go and play with tech toys. But probably not right now, since I'm feeling sleepy, and am busy backing up a hard drive.

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