Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Good Things Day 2

I have begun bending Vista to my will. And while I'm not enjoying Vista, I am enjoying remembering why I thought I was pretty good with computers. (Because, y'know, I am.)

Tomorrow's turkey is all tucked away in a nice brine, happily soaking up juices. This time I figured out that if I put him and his bath in a plastic bag then I'll have less to clean up afterward and it'll be easier to totally immerse the bird. Handiness!

I was pretty chipper this morning when I went and ran some last errands. Someone was pulling out of a parking spot right in front as I was pulling up to the Trader Joe's, so I waited with a big, "look who got rock star parking" grin on my face. The driver pulling out noticed me doing the "SCORE!" grin and grinned back. It was fun wandering around the various stores making contact with people and getting them to smile back.

One of the pleasures of going through rocky times during the holidays is that there are lots of opportunities to get hugs from friends -- and the hugs mean a lot more than just a friendly greeting.

Tired, so I'm not doing this in Japanese.

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