Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Happy Meme 1

Eh, I'd been thinking of doing this for a while now, and being tagged by verusmayaii is enough incentive to push me over the edge.

I had a delightful time taking rhylar and his lovely wife to the airport, then stopped off at a sweets store up that direction while I was there. I used to go there often when I worked in that area, so it brought back good memories -- and produced yummy caramels! (Which was the main reason I stopped there.)

As I drove back, the clouds were lovely, and I saw a bit of snow still up on the tops of the mountains.

At home there are so many good things everywhere. The new fence makes me happy every time I look at it. I hung curtains in the dining room finally, and while they drag on the floor (we hung them too low and it needs to be redone), it still really improves the feel of the room. And the work I've done cleaning and rearranging the kitchen makes me happy every time I see it.

And just because I'm insane, and have vowed to work on my Japanese:

rhylar とその奥様を空港に運ぶのはとても楽しかった。その後その方向にあるお菓子屋にとまった。昔そのあたりに働いたのでその店よく行って着ました、とても懐かしいだった ーー そして美味しいキャラメルをてに入った!(そのために訪問しましたなのだ。)


うちでは何処でもいいことたくさんがあります。 いつも目がつく時には私の中に嬉しさと感謝の気持ちが浮いてます。 ようやく食堂の窓にはカーテンを付いてった、そしてゆかに引きずるなのに (ちょっと低いに付いたのでまたやり直すべきだ)、部屋の気分が良くになれた。それ上に、台所の掃除や配列し直すのがいつも嬉しきになるんだ。



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