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I can't believe how much has changed in my house in the past year. A year and a month ago I had absolutely no furniture in my living room. (Involuntarily, thanks to some issues regarding a cat, miscommunication, and ... a whole lot of fuss that I have no interest in re-hashing.)

Since then I've gotten new furniture, completely rearranged the entryway, and now I've completely rearranged the kitchen. The number of rooms in my house that I'm happy with has now increased by one more. Yesterday I also reorganized the dining area so I could fit in a Christmas tree.

I had been feeling a good deal more upbeat about all this, but today I opened up the new set of somewhat pricey cookware that I bought at a serious discount from Mervyns only to find out that what was outside the box and what was inside the box was radically different. *pouts* I had been looking forward to using the nifty new cookware. Now, I'm rather dreading going back to the store to see what they can do for me. Given the "no refunds/no exchange" policy I'm not holding out complete hope of getting what I originally paid for. But I figure I'll try anyway, and hopefully can at least get a middle ground of getting refunded the difference in price between what I paid for and what I actually got -- since what I got is worth maybe half what I paid for it. *disappointed*

But that annoyance aside, I'm very pleased with the progress in the kitchen. And now I have space for the new cookware once I get it.

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