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So, they caught the folks responsible for starting the Santa Barbara Tea Fire. It was a bunch of drunk kids, aged 18-20, who lit a bonfire. During hurricane-force winds, in a year where rainfall could best be described as "scant", in an area prone to wildfires.

They swear they thought they'd put it out.

(The "Montecito couple in critical condition" mentioned in the report are -- were -- Jan's tenants. They're stable now and will recover, but they're going to be residing in the hospital for several months to come. The reason they got so badly burned is long and sad and somewhat humorous in a really dark, sick kind of way, and makes me want to hit things so I shall not recount it.)

A side note on the Reverse 911 and cell phones to keep in mind: Fires throw a lot of carbon into the air in the form of smoke, and carbon can mess with cell phone signals. So even if you've got Reverse 911 set up for your cell phone, it's possible in the event of a major fire that the cell phone signal may get messed up/not get through.
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