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Well, that day didn't go quite as planned. I had intended to go to an appointment, then spend the afternoon working on job stuffs. Instead I:

- Found my car not working. Bother.

- Spent the morning doing job stuffs. Got resume posted on a few more job boards, and am about ready to send a resume off to a potential position.

- Called my parents for help. This took longer than expected since they only have one land line, and the phone had unknowingly been knocked off the hook.

- Fixed the car. Not sure what was wrong, actually. Everything turned over just fine once my folks got here. *eyes car* You're still the bestest car in the world. But you lost a few points today, so please don't do it again.

- Cleaned out and replaced the furnace filters. Ew, that so needed doing. And now I know where they are and how to get to them, so this is most good.

- Bought gizmos for diagnosing further car problems, and possibly be able to fix them.

- Blew the leaves out of the front yard. The street sweeper will take them away tomorrow, and I have an idea on how to make part of the yard look nicer, and I needed to get all the leaves out of the way first.

And now, I've ordered a pizza. 'Cause man, it's been a bit of a day. (Two pizzas, actually, since I had a coupon.)

P.S. Rats, the earthquake seems to have shifted the gate post, so it doesn't open as smoothly any more. Meh.

(Yeah, I know. Most of you are probably saying "what earthquake?")

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