Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,


In order to distract myself from my disgust at the displays of poor loser syndrome over Prop 8 (*), I'm jumping on one of my other favorite soap boxes: diesel.

You want to talk mileage? We were getting 50 miles per gallon at high speed. Our fuel economy would blow away any of those hybrids.

Seriously. Diesels in Europe have been regularly getting 50+ miles to the gallon for years now. They have lower emissions than standard gas engines, and I'd have to double check, but I think they're at least on par with hybrids. Lots of time has passed since they were first introduced, and are no longer the horrible, smelly, noisy monstrosities that we remember from the 80's. In fact, these days you can't always tell from the outside what type of fuel the vehicle's got inside. So seriously, give diesel a chance! It's a lot more cuddly than you think. Even the guys on Top Gear say so.

*steps off the soap box*

(*) Yes, I'm as disappointed as the next person that it passed. But part of democracy means that there are times when you're in the minority. For the purposes of keeping order in society, sometimes you get to put up with things you don't agree with. Prop 8 detractors, I'm sorry, but this is one of those times. Please accept with grace that the people have voted, and your choice is not in the majority. Welcome to democracy. It beats the alternatives.

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