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Ha! I finally figured out how to do kanji compound lookup on my electronic dictionary! (A year and a half later...) This has increasingly been bothering me as I'm shifting back to wanting to practice Japanese reading skills more. The task was made difficult since the manual is printed entirely in Japanese, necessitating using the dictionary to read the instructions on how to use the dictionary. Kind of inconvenient. (Yeah, I know. I could have hauled out Nelson's and just looked things up that way. But it's so... last century.) But ten minutes of randomly poking buttons later, and mwahaha!

This is convenient, since I picked up the next chapter in the Mebi novel. It's a good deal longer than the first part -- by about 26 pages. Ooooh.

I'm going to this career councilling/placement firm. (Who do not actually place one in jobs, alas.) We have this group thing where we practice communications for interviews and such. We had an exercise to tell a work success story, with a two minute time limit on the presentation to explain the situation, what the challenges were, what I did, and what the outcome was. Mine came in at one minute fifty-nine second. (Guess all that timing work from rally came in handy! :) It was also the only presentation that no one had any suggestions for improvement on. Score!

Being at home all the time means all the little random things that I think "oh, I should just spend five minutes and get that done" are getting done. The closet doors that I've been meaning to paint for a couple of years are getting painted, the kitchen's cleaner than ever. Last night I reorganized the fabric collection (small, by the standards of most people I know, but large enough that things were starting to get lost.) I ran out of time to organize the fat quarters, but at least it's all contained now.

Randomly, happy birthday to Watanabe Daisuke. (Yeah, I know it's tomorrow in Japan now. But it's today here, so it still counts.)

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