Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Ah, California, How You Disappoint Me

For all that I hear grumbling in the media, on the street, in the coffee houses about how badly things are being run, what results do I see come day after the election? Not votes for change, alas. No, instead I see that we have chosen to send those self-same Senators, Representatives, and Assembly Members who have lead us to this back for more. How is this change?

Understand this: Congress wields more direct power than the President. They control the money -- including taxes -- and they control Federal regulations. If they so wish Congress can overturn anything the President decides, and the President is powerless before a Congress united. Changing the President is flashy. Changing Congress is making change where the change will count. The same holds true at the State level.

Please, take a lesson from this. Next time when you say you want change, make a change with substance. Vote against incumbents in the National and State legislatures.

On the other disappointment, I only have to say: "Separate but equal is inherently unequal." Anyone who voted for Obama and also for Prop 8, I hope you take a moment to understand the irony.

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