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19 October 2008 @ 08:43 pm
On Subtitling  
There's something fundamentally satisfying about having titles show on the screen at just the right moment. At having something I commanded to be there show up at the exact same instant as something in the video source appears. At having words appear just as someone speaks. Its almost like singing a duet, separated across time and space, with a complete stranger. I had, of late, forgotten how much I enjoy doing that, and was glad of an opportunity to sit down and play, if only for a bit.

The problem with proofing subtitles is that one spends a concentrated period of time focused at the level of everyone's crotches. This is not always particularly desirable. Particularly since it means that I now realize Ultra Papa has a crotch arrow as well. Almost more of a "v marks the spot" arrow, but whatever.

And editing always takes longer than I think it should. (She says, an hour and a half later, after starting something that should only have taken half an hour.)