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Health, Health, Health

Had a session with my personal trainer. Not only does he teach me new things to do with weights, he teaches me new Japanese words. So I now know not only what "Hokka-Hokka Tei" means (difficult to quantify in English, but it's kind of a steamy warm shop), but that there are branches in Tokyo. Nifty!

We did a couple of simple exercises, most of which worked muscles I thought I was already working. Woke up this morning and discovered that I was sadly mistaken. So on the down side, *ouch*, and on the up side, heh, heh, more stuff to work on. This is, after all, what I'm paying a personal trainer for.

Besides the ouchie of a workout I also seem to either have really nasty allergies or a moderate cold. It's acting more like allergies (largely in the sinuses, though I've now picked up a mild cough), but it's unpleasant enough that I'm spending an awful lot of time either sleeping or plopped in front of the TV. Blah. I had such high hopes for getting things done while the weather's still good and I have free time, and none of them are getting terribly far. Oh well. I get the distinct impression this is my body's way of going "seriously, girl, what does it take for you to frickin' slow down?! Maybe *this* will work..." So I've decided it's probably time to listen to it.

LinkedIn is cool. I managed to get in contact again with an old coworker of mine and hear what she's been up to in the past... gee, I guess it's been about eight or nine years since I was working with her. She's switched out of IT and owns her own catering business, and mentioned taking time off recently to do a kinetic sculpture for the Beijing Olympics. I look at that and think, "seriously -- how cool is that?!"

It kind of echoes what I've been thinking lately. It's time for a change. My last company was bit of a change for me, since I switched from coding into systems administration, then got switched into an analysis position, and I really enjoyed it. I'm beginning to realize that I'm getting tired of dealing with the tech world rat race. I like playing with technology and am more than happy to keep my hand in. But think I don't want to go back to what I've been doing for the past... oh, twelve years. I think it's time to do something different now.

I'm putting together two different resumes. One's focusing on angling for project or team management positions. The other's working on SA positions, since I really did enjoy what I was doing for the first year I was at eBay. (Many of you probably still remember -- likely with some shock -- asking me how I liked my new job and getting the unusually enthusiastic response of "I love it!") I toy, every now and then, with the idea of updating a more programming oriented resume, just in case. But every time I do something in the back of my head says "you don't want to go there. Why are you even thinking about it?"

So, yeah. Change is in the air. I've been handed an opportunity for it, and I figure I might as well take advantage of it. I'd been thinking in that direction already anyway, so there you go. (Or, rather, there I go.)


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