Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Secret Japanese Society At The Gym

My gym is apparently where people who've lived in Japan now go to work. The guy who signed me up was a military brat, and had lived in Mizusawa, Sasebo and Okinawa. (I only know where Mizusawa is because of one of my funky train music songs -- and even then, it took me a fair bit of WTF is that?? before I remember it. Remarkable.)

The personal trainer I met with today grew up in Tokyo. He's completely bilingual (SO JEALOUS), and has absolutely no accent. (SO JEALOUS!!) I regret to say that I'm really not up to carrying on my end of a conversation in Japanese while working out on the ellipticals, so I really couldn't manage more than polite noises in response to my trainer telling about him and his dad hiking up Mt. Fuji. (This is, I should note, still not something I aspire to do. I like sleeping at night, much more than i like hiking up a mountain in the dark.) Oh yeah, and my trainer went to UCSB. Small, small world.

I'm sort of intrigued who I'll meet next.

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