Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Some Random Things

Things I did not know: shirataki noodles (yam noodles) are very low carb and low calorie. Nifty! I'm very fond of them, and it turns out they can (at least for me) make a reasonable spaghetti alternative. Handy! I tried a modified version of this recipe and deemed it intriguing enough that I should try it again only following the whole recipe this time.

The new Knight Rider is every bit as bad as one would expect. I thought this likely going in, but I just had to watch anyway. You can just take my word for this, and spare yourself the pain. Trust me. You'll be glad to have those minutes of your life.

Got signed up for a new gym today, but decided not to force myself to actually exercise today. I did it yesterday, and I had enough stuff to handle today.

I realized that most of my interview clothes are now a bit loose on me, and by the time I'm likely to get serious interviews will likely be in need of replacing. What a strange thing to have to complain about. Ah well. Digging through my closet I did find an old skirt that I haven't fit in since getting my first "real" job. Managed to fit in it anyway! It took a bit of finegalling, but it did happen. Again, I suspect by the time it will be called into play it will be a good deal easier to fit into. Since I've been handed the time to be more serious about exercising, I might as well plunge in and use it.

Talked to my mortgage broker today and resolved the "oh crap, I was going to re-fi in two months" panic. I love her. If anyone is looking for a mortgage broker, I highly recommend Sue Baker-Dirikson. She's done awesome by me. She reviewed some stuff and basically concluded that things should be fine for about a year and a half or so, so I should focus on the job hunt and not fuss on the mortgage. Which, if I'd thought about it calmly, I probably would have figured out on my own. Thinking calmly is only something that comes in waves at the moment, and can never be relied on to stick around for long, unfortunately.

And that be all for today. I think I shall turn in now, so I can get enough sleep to prepare for tomorrow, which promises to be another busy day of getting things accomplished. Yay!

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